• Multi Pet Insurance

    Multi pet Insurance

    Well, we are meant to be a nation of animal lovers and I am sure that is very true but with the present financial climate many of us are struggling to feed ourselves let alone feed and care for our beloved pets.

    So, we certainly cannot stop feeding them but what we can do is look at ways to economise on their care.

    Remember to save our leftovers and sometimes the heavily reduced goods in a supermarket can actually work out cheaper than buying a can of dog food!

    However, there is one thing that I am sure each and every pet owner can cut back on without jeopardising the welfare of our pets and that is the insurance policy!

    Now, I am NOT suggesting doing away with the insurance policy as we all know that the rising costs of vet bills can be prohibitive without insurance cover! But what I am suggesting is look at and search around the many different policies available.

    One of the biggest savings that I have found is a Multi Pet Insurance Policy. Why have several different policies with different insurance brokers when you can reduce the premiums, paperwork and jargon by combining all your policies on to one!

    The reason we tend to have individual policies is we do not usually adopt our pets all at the same time! You know the scenario, First comes the lovely puppy and then a bit later another to keep it company. The kids want a rabbit and the wife wants a budgie...Before you know it you are maxed out with pets and find yourself bottom of the pecking order with an abundance of insurance policies and vet bills.

    There are many Multi Pet Insurance policies out there that will enable you to add ( and sadly ) remove your pets to an existing policy. Saving time money and hassle.



  • Rabbit Health Care Is Very Important

    Insurance companies are adding interesting features to rabbit insurance plans to attract increasing numbers of rabbit owners. In the U.K. there are well over one million bunny owners wanting to take care of their furry companions in the best possible way. Pet insurance for rabbits offers a variety of features and options.

    If your bunny has not yet reached its 5th birthday, it is not too late to consider a life plan. The benefit of life cover is that once you enrol and keep up payments, your bunny's health will be insured for the rest of its life. Time-limited plans are also available. These plans protect you from the expense of treatments for an illness or injury, for a specified period of time, often12 months.

    Did you know that veterinarians often offer or recommend alternative therapies for their animal patients? Rabbits can receive massage, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, osteopathic care, or physiotherapy. Pet insurance for rabbits can pay for the cost of these alternative treatments.

    There are many breeds of rabbits and some are quite expensive. Your rabbit may be an investment as well as a precious pet. Insurance can include a death benefit, payable on sudden death from accident or illness (terms vary). This benefit is a lump sum, often based on the initial cost of your pet--it can help pay for burial or perhaps, go towards the purchase of a new rabbit.

    Having a pet is a major responsibility. When you make travel plans, you may have to suddenly cancel your trip if your bunny becomes ill or injured. You'll probably be reluctant to leave your bunny when it is not well. A convenient feature covers the cost of cancelling your trip when your rabbit is ill.

    Some people don't leave home without their pet rabbit and even bring it along for a holiday abroad. Travel cover is a feature that can be added to a basic rabbit insurance policy. Should your pet become ill while you are outside of the U.K., this cover will help pay for veterinary fees abroad. Travel cover can also protect you from the loss of your rabbit's expensive travel papers.

    How many times have you noticed changes in your rabbit's behaviour or signs of possible illness, and wondered if you should go to the vet? Even when you have insurance, you will not want to book unnecessary appointments. Some pet insurers offer you a 24-hour hotline staffed by veterinarian nurses. These professionals can advise you how to care for your pet and whether it is time to visit the vet.

    Signing up for rabbit pet insurance is easy. You can enrol online or over the phone. Some insurers offer discounts for enrolling online and when you insure more than one rabbit. If you are concerned about a long-term financial commitment, you can ask about a premium waiver provision, which gives you a premium break for up to six months, in the event that you are suddenly unemployed due to accident, injury, or illness. Once you sign up for rabbit insurance, your cover will take effect within a few weeks.



  • Pet Insurance For Rabbits in the UK

    Protect your pet hare's overall health by availing of rabbit insurance. It is a cheaper and better option than paying for a medical emergency or veterinary fees in full. There are many types of insurance suitable for the needs of your beloved rabbit as well as your financial capacity. Owners can avail of cheap pet insurance that covers basic needs or look for more comprehensive VIP pet insurance. When it comes to pet insurance compare at least three different companies and products to get the best deal.

    Before getting your pet rabbit insured, it is important to know what to look for and where. Not all insurance companies offer rabbit insurance. In some cases, companies may categorize rabbits as exotic pets.

    Be specific when it comes to finding the pets best insurance. Different breeds of rabbits are prone to specific types of illnesses and ailments. It is important for the owner to know the specific breed of their pet to determine what type of ailments it is prone to.

    Pay attention to the company's requirements and terms. Insurance companies often require that your pet be within a certain age range. For some companies, rabbits that are over a certain age are more prone to getting sick, increasing the likelihood of paying for claims. Other companies may cover older rabbits as long as the pet has been insured prior to reaching the age limit. Another consideration is the amount itself. Insurance companies may only pay if the cost is within a certain range. Any amount beyond this range will be shouldered by the owner.

    Equal attention must be given to what is not included in the coverage. Most veterinary pet insurance policies do not cover routine services such treatment for fleas, having the pet vaccinated or neutered. In such cases, owners will have to bear the full cost of such services.

    Much like insurance for their human counterparts, companies do not often insure pets with pre-existing medical conditions. Ask whether the insurance will cover conditions that develop because of a past problem. It is also important to check the company policy on recurring conditions. Although breeds are prone to develop certain conditions, companies normally cover a maximum number of claims for a specific condition or over a certain time period. If your pet gets sick often, the insurance policy may not cover all treatments.

    Bear in mind that insurances are not effective immediately. The delay period can take as long as several days to several weeks. Any medical emergencies that occur within this period will be covered by the insurance.

    There are other perks to getting insurance for your pet rabbit. If your pet gets stolen or lost, some companies will offer money to advertise the loss and offer rewards for its return. Another perk is if you get sick or may need to cancel your holiday trip because of your pet. Some companies will offer to pay fees for a rabbit re home while you are recuperating. If you have multiple pets, companies such as RSPCA pet insurance will offer discounts if both are insured under the same company.

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  • Pet Insurance Rabbit - Is it that important

    As rabbits become more and more popular across the UK, the availability of rabbit insurance grows as well. No matter how much money you make, it's easy to find an insurance plan that's right for you. Rabbits are now only behind dogs and cats as the most popular pets in our country, and they are treated with the same respect and adoration. Why not consider getting insurance for your beloved bunny?

    Different Types of Plans

    There are two standard types of pet insurance for rabbits:

    You can get a lifetime plan, which pretty much sounds like exactly what it is. You would buy this plan with your new rabbit or when a rabbit is young in age, and it covers the animal throughout its natural life.

    The other type of plan is called a time-limited plan. These plans are not quite as useful, but they're a great alternative for people who can't quite afford the full lifetime packages. These packages tend to cover illnesses for a single year, but will not cover chronic illnesses past their first year of occurrence. If a new illness arises, however, then you will be covered.

    You need to consider your needs and the needs of your rabbit before you choose the rabbit pet insurance plan for you. Each plan offers different levels of coverage and different perks and drawbacks. A normal plan will usually offer a yearly maximum of around seven thousand pounds, which is usually more than enough to get your rabbit the health care it needs.

    Rabbit Insurance Benefits

    Modern rabbit insurance covers a very wide variety of ailments and offers a wide range of benefits and coverage. It is important to note that different kinds of benefits are covered on a different level. An annual physical, for example, may be covered up to 90%, whereas more optional treatments such as dental work may only be covered up to 50%.

    Like all types of insurance, these policies will need you to pay a co-payment or excess every time you activate one of their benefits. If the policy states that the excess is £45, then your policy will completely cover the rest of the bill as long as you cover the excess. If you schedule a check-up and your bill is 345 pounds, then the company will activate benefits of 300 pounds to cover the expense.

    The cost of pet health care is on the rise, and taking care of your pet by scheduling regular trips to the vet regularly is part of being a responsible pet owner. Rabbit insurance is the best way to reduce and control these costs. Also, this insurance also covers some things you may not normally associate with pet insurance, such as holistic medicine. These treatments - such as massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic adjustments, and acupuncture - can be covered up to 750 pounds per year, which is a great way to ensure that your rabbit stays comfortable and healthy.

    There are also many perks for the travelling pet owner. It will help you cover the costs of veterinary fee abroad in case of emergency, and will help you replace that expensive animal passport in case you lose the first one.

    If you need to be hospitalized and cannot take care of your rabbit, then they will help you find boarding and cover the costs. These policies can also pay out to help you advertise to find a lost bunny. In addition, on the day that your rabbit dies, you will receive a lump sum payment to help you find a new friend, and will help you recoup the financial loss of the original purchase.

    It's never been easier to find the coverage that will give you peace of mind as a rabbit owner. You can call and get information and a custom plan over the phone, or you can get one over the internet as well. Get one today!



  • Rabbit Pet Insurance - Why You Need It

    Many rabbit owners are interested in knowing more about rabbit pet insurance. Rabbits are among the most popular household pets in the U.K. Recognising this, pet insurers have come forward with rabbit insurance packages that address different needs and lifestyles.

    The key advantage of purchasing rabbit insurance is feeling confident that you will be able to afford veterinarian fees should your pet become injured or ill. Insurance covers most veterinary costs, such as examinations, tests, medications, surgery, and hospital stays. Some packages also cover complementary services--such as massage, physiotherapy and acupuncture--now offered by some veterinary clinics. Having pet insurance ensures that you will be able to provide your pet with excellent health care.

    Pet insurance for rabbits protects you from other major costs. Your pet may have been a major investment. Some policies provide a lump sum death benefit equal to the purchase cost. Other costs that can be covered include vet fees paid outside of the U.K., advertising when your pet is lost or stolen, and boarding fees in the event you are suddenly hospitalised. If you enter your pet into competitions, ask about special provisions to cover these events.

    When you decide to purchase a policy, your first decision will be whether to purchase life or time-limited cover. Life cover protects you for the whole life of your rabbit. Time-limited protection covers each illness or injury for a specific period of time, often one year. Time-limited cover is less expensive than life cover and helps you with at least the initial costs of veterinary treatments. Both types of cover usually pay up to £2,000 to £3,000, per illness, in a twelve-month period.

    While choosing your policy, take into account your financial situation, the age of your rabbit and its health needs. If you need an economical option, consider a time-limited policy, with a lower level of cover, and a higher excess. Having some support when your bunny needs veterinary care will be much better than none at all.

    Predicting health requirements is not always easy. Talking to a veterinarian may be helpful. One thing you can be sure about is that any rabbit can develop a health problem, no matter how well you care for it. As a rabbit ages, its risk of getting a chronic condition or serious ailment increases.

    Deciding on an insurance strategy early in your pet's life is important for a number of reasons. Base premiums go up as a rabbit ages. Policies don't cover pre-existing conditions, so once your rabbit starts to develop a problem, the problem may not be covered if you buy a plan afterwards. If you are interested in life cover, you will need to purchase it before your bunny reaches its 5th birthday.

    Rabbit pet insurance policies have features that enhance your purchase. Some insurers offer a 24-hour helpline staffed by veterinary nurses, who can answer questions about your bunny's care. Discounts are available when you enrol more than one rabbit and when you apply online. Easy-to-read descriptions of policy terms help you to select the best package and take advantage of its features.

    Should you decide to purchase a rabbit insurance policy, the process is very easy. You can enrol online or over the phone, knowing that if you change your mind within 14 days you will be able to cancel at no cost. Once you sign up, it will take only a few weeks for your policy to come into effect and for you to know that you will be able to handle any major rabbit care costs.



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